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Brazil Child Community

My Child’s Community

Although CMF has been working in Brazil since 1957, nearly all ministries are now overseen by Brazilian ministers and lay leaders. There is an ongoing church-planting ministry through a CMF-led partnership of Brazilian and American churches led by Brazilian businessman Dr. Carlos Franco, president of CMF Brazil.

CMF Brazil leads a holistic ministry outreach in the inland state of Paraiba. This region in NE Brazil is known as the sertao, or “countryside,” and has a population of more than three million people. Only about two to three percent of the population is evangelical Christian. CMF team members partner with local pastors to train and empower church members who, in turn, empower people in the community to address their pressing issues.

A CMF child sponsorship program focuses on the children in the town of Piancó who live in the New Field (Campo Novo) section, the former city dump. The families in this area have not learned about good nutrition, godly family relationships and parenting skills. Children lack discipline and there is a lot of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

To combat these problems, the child sponsorship program assists the church in Piancó in feeding the children in the after-school “Agape” program a nutritious meal five days per week. They help the children learn by tutoring and discipling them three afternoons per week. They are encouraging healthy family relationships by meeting twice per week with parents from the New Field community and by doing home visits.

This holistic ministry, along with the local church, is resulting in discipleship of children, families, healthier family relationships, baptisms, and new house churches.


Tom Moen of Mountain Christian Church, Joppa, Maryland, translates and reads, in Portuguese, a letter to a child from her MCC sponsor.


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